• How to give full play to MetInfo the SEO features

    MetInfo enterprise website management system to improve the SEO function is known, but many of the establishment of the station's friend has ignored the true value of the site, did not consider th

    2018/04/18 51

  • What is a pseudo-static?

    Pseudo-static is relatively true static in terms of the real static generates an html or htm file with the extension, visitors can gain access to the real static pages, while the pseudo-static generat

    2018/04/18 27

  • Enterprise the advantages of online promotion site

    Propaganda is a multi-dimensional publicityThe traditional media is two-dimensional network publicity is multidimensional, it can be text, image and sound organic combination together, to pass a multi

    2018/04/18 18

  • Commercial and free version on the system functions there a difference?

    Commercial and free version on the system functions without any distinction.The difference between commercial and free version:If you program for commercial use, please consciously purchase a commerci

    2018/04/18 12

  • Corporate website how long backup time?

    Corporate website the amount of information is generally less MetInfo Enterprise Web Site Management System site backup operation is very simple, we recommend that the user does not need to frequently

    2018/04/18 7

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